Content Design

Do your potential customers understand the value of the products and services you offer on your website or in your brochures? And if they don’t, will they bother to ask?

Content design is the artful process of combining words, graphics, layout, white space, fonts, and other design elements to convey your message to busy humans. With 20 years of experience in the technical communication, marketing, product management, and user experience design arenas, I can help you craft messaging and presentation that will help your potential customers understand how your product can benefit them.

And if the documentation you need is technical in nature, I can write user-oriented manuals and guides to explain your product’s complex processes and interfaces.

What you need What I can provide
Marketing materials Brochures, website copy, benefits analysis, white papers, email communications, newsletters
User guides, online help, instruction manuals Print manuals, web-hosted help systems, FAQs


Content Type Samples
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