Product Research and Definition

Have a great idea for a product but you aren’t sure there’s a market need? Or have you launched your product but no one is using it — and you don’t know why?

Product research can help you determine the perceived need for your product, how the product should be positioned, how your competition stacks up in comparison, the market segments to target, and the best channels for launch. This information can then feed your business development plan and help you make a Go/No Go decision before investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a new product.

It can also identify user attitudes and behaviors which translate into specific product requirements that are then passed along to technical and design teams to implement.

What you need What I can provide
Marketing research Using the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, I can provide market study and analysis, competitive analysis, distinctive competencies, product positioning statements, buyer personas, launch plans
User research User personas, target demographics, customer journey maps, service design recommendations, ecosystem and touch point maps, product requirements