User Experience Design

Are your software product’s users glad to fire up your product and get to work? Or do your customer metrics suggest a poor usage rate or high product abandonment rate?

User Experience (UX) Design is the discipline of understanding humans and designing tools that help them succeed at their tasks. UX has many facets, including:

  • user research (such as identifying user types, attitudes, and real-world needs)
  • interaction design (which defines the “flow” of a user task and creates designs that can be passed off to a software development team to implement)
  • usability testing (how easy is it to use this feature or complete this task?)

Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to engage deeply in each of these areas for both small and large companies, helping them create software products that solve real human problems quickly and easily.

Much of the work I’ve done is proprietary in nature, so samples will become available as I “sanitize” them to remove NDA-oriented elements.

What you need What I can provide
User research User study design, hypothesis testing, prototype development, qualitative study facilitation, analysis, recommendations, and user personas
Interaction design Hypothesis-driven design in either an agile or waterfall software development environment; customer journey maps, design concepts, interactive prototypes, wireframes, business rules
Usability testing Baseline testing for existing websites and interfaces, qualitative study facilitation, analysis and recommendations